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Lambs of Hell’s Gate: Teacher’s Guide (PDF)


Address the Learning Standards for the grade 5 Social Studies curriculum.

Planning a Theme Based Unit (PDF)


Planning a Theme Based Unit – a comprehensive booklet to assist teachers in planning theme based units.

Grades: 2-4

They Came From China – Inventions That Changed the World (PDF)


Discover how many Chinese inventions, such as gunpowder, printing and the stirrup, changed the world in this informative activity book.

Grades 4-8

Think of Us (PDF)


This teacher-friendly activity book uses the stories of real children today to teach students in grades 4-8 about immigration in Canada, to fight racial stereotypes, and to celebrate how similar we all really are.

Grades 4-8

Cariboo Runaway: Teacher’s Guide


This comprehensive guide for Cariboo Runaway is available for teachers who wish to use the book as a language-based social studies resource. It addresses the Learning Standards for the grade 4/5 Social Studies curriculum.