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Endangered Animals: An Environmental Studies Unit for Primary Classrooms (PDF)


Endangered Animals is an environmental studies unit based on four children’s books by Canadian author Victoira Miles. Each book gives a glimpse into the daily life of a baby animal – the sea otter pup, the spotted owlet, the bald eaglet, and the cougar kitten.  This 94-page unit includes everything a teacher will need to teach an endangered animals unit, including activities to introduce students to the theme, detailed lesson plans for each of the student books, activities integrating the unit across the curriculum, assessment strategies and tools, and reproducible blackline masters.

Grades: 3-6

The Problem Solver (PDF)


Activities to help students solve problems peacefully, make appropriate decisions, control their anger and develop empathy for others.

Grades K-7

Names Will Never Hurt Me: Bully Proofing for Children (PDF)


This resource is intended for use by teachers, counsellors and other caregivers who want to make a difference in teaching children how to get along and treat each other with respect and dignity. Names Will Never Hurt Me presents a lesson plan format of a guided conversation to have with students about their perceptions in the schoolyard and community as they experience harassment.

Grades K-9

My Notebook Is A Friend That Listens (PDF)


My Notebook is a unique collection of writing activities carefully designed to provide teachers and students with a wide range of personal journal writing opportunities. With over 80 activities, My Notebook provides writing ideas that explore life changes, feelings, friendships, family, healthy living and much more.

Grades 4-8

Independent Minds, Independent Readers (PDF)


An educational resource for a student centred reading program.

Grades 5-12

A School of Readers – Book Three (PDF)


An educational resource for a student centred reading program for Canadian titles.

Grades 4-12

A School of Readers – Book Two (PDF)


An educational resource for a student centred reading program.

Grades 7-12

A School of Readers – Book One (PDF)


An educational resource for a student centred reading program.

Grades 4-9

Medieval Times (PDF)


A cross-curricular thematic resource designed for use in multi-level and split-grade classes.

Grades 1-6

Word Wiz Teacher’s Guide (PDF)


This teacher’s guide includes activities for an alphabetized list of frequently used words and suggestions for how to use Word Wiz as part of an early literacy program in conjunction with other classroom tools and strategies.

Grades K-3

Lessons from the Ledge (PDF)


Lesson plans for teaching creative writing skills.

Grades 4-10