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Medieval Times (PDF)


A cross-curricular thematic resource designed for use in multi-level and split-grade classes.

Grades 1-6

Word Wiz Teacher’s Guide (PDF)


This teacher’s guide includes activities for an alphabetized list of frequently used words and suggestions for how to use Word Wiz as part of an early literacy program in conjunction with other classroom tools and strategies.

Grades K-3

Word Wiz (PDF)


An alphabetized list of frequently used words to help kindergarten to grade 3, ESL, and special education students develop confidence and skill as writers.

Grades K-3

Lessons from the Ledge (PDF)


Lesson plans for teaching creative writing skills.

Grades 4-10

Reflections (PDF)


A resource for English teachers, designed primarily to facilitate regular personal writing in secondary school classrooms.

Grades 8-12

Magnetic and Charged Materials (PDF)


Activities aimed at introducing grades 3-5 students to the key concepts of magnetism.

Beans and Their Buddies (PDF)


This integrated resource package, sponsored by the Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, has been prepared for, and by, teachers of primary children. It provides twenty activities for a theme study of seeds, extending the material into all areas of the curriculum.

Grades 1-2

Fruits and Veggies (PDF)


Information about twenty common fruits and vegetables found in grocery stores and grown in gardens.

Grades 1-2

Goofy Groundhogs (PDF)


Get ready for Groundhog Day with this teacher-friendly unit. You will find easy-to-learn songs; a play for your students to perform; and Language Arts, Math, Writing, Science, Art and Reading activities.

Grades 1-3

Spectacular Spiders (PDF)


Information and activities on spiders.

Factual information written for primary researchers, activity ideas for across the curriculum, blackline masters, and evaluation forms are all included in the package.

Grades 1-2

Soil Secrets (PDF)


In this hands-on unit for the study of soils, students will learn about land forms, geology, biology, and the physical process of weathering, sedimentation and capillarity of soil. The connection between soil conservation/degradation and agriculture is explored, clearly demonstrating the importance of soil to the production of food.

Grades 5 – 12

They Came From China – Inventions That Changed the World (PDF)


Discover how many Chinese inventions, such as gunpowder, printing and the stirrup, changed the world in this informative activity book.

Grades 4-8