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From Time Immemorial Teacher’s Guide – French Version (PDF)


This Teacher’s Guide provides support materials for From Time Immemorial to address 100% of the Learning Standards for the new Grade 3 BC Social Studies curriculum and First Nations content for grades 4-8.

Cariboo Runaway: Teacher’s Guide (PDF)


This comprehensive guide for Cariboo Runaway is available for teachers who wish to use the book as a language-based social studies resource. It addresses the Learning Standards for the grade 4/5 Social Studies curriculum.

Lambs of Hell’s Gate: Teacher’s Guide (PDF)


Address the Learning Standards for the grade 5 Social Studies curriculum.

Endangered Animals: An Environmental Studies Unit for Primary Classrooms (PDF)


Endangered Animals is an environmental studies unit based on four children’s books by Canadian author Victoira Miles. Each book gives a glimpse into the daily life of a baby animal – the sea otter pup, the spotted owlet, the bald eaglet, and the cougar kitten.  This 94-page unit includes everything a teacher will need to teach an endangered animals unit, including activities to introduce students to the theme, detailed lesson plans for each of the student books, activities integrating the unit across the curriculum, assessment strategies and tools, and reproducible blackline masters.

Grades: 3-6

Planning a Theme Based Unit (PDF)


Planning a Theme Based Unit – a comprehensive booklet to assist teachers in planning theme based units.

Grades: 2-4

What We Don’t Discuss (PDF)


Provides teachers with options for discussing the topic of death and dying with their students in creative and positive ways.

Transition to Retirement (PDF)


Transition to Retirement: The Uncharted Course reveals what there is to learn about that crucial transitional phase from when you leave your job to when you feel significantly engaged in the life of retirement. It is not about finances or lifestyle; it is about you – the person behind the work title, name-tag or job description and how to discover who you are or will be outside of your job.

Foster Care Resource Guide (PDF)


A much-needed manual designed to assist teachers and other adults interacting with children who are in foster care.

Grades K-12

Names Will Never Hurt Me: Bully Proofing for Children (PDF)


This resource is intended for use by teachers, counsellors and other caregivers who want to make a difference in teaching children how to get along and treat each other with respect and dignity. Names Will Never Hurt Me presents a lesson plan format of a guided conversation to have with students about their perceptions in the schoolyard and community as they experience harassment.

Grades K-9

Mind Works – The Communications Course (PDF)


This communications course consists of twenty components requiring approximately 30 hours of instructional time. Each component has interactive activities designed to foster self-awareness, empathy for others, creative thinking, problem-solving skills and effective expression. The lesson plans and strategies are specifically designed for intermediate/middle school aged students. After reading through the component and organizing the lesson’s handouts, the instructor will be ready to teach the class. Lesson plans are clearly laid out to allow for reference as the material is presented.

Grade 5-9

In the Company of Whales Teacher’s Guide (PDF)


This book is an excellent resource for a teacher, at any grade level, who is planning to use the orca as a basis for a theme of study.  It includes various integrated strategies and activities pertaining to pre-reading, reading, vocabulary development, different subjects areas (such as science, math, art, and P.E.), and more.

Grades 2-5

A Morning to Polish and Keep Teacher’s Guide (PDF)


A Morning to Polish and Keep reveals the bond between young and old and the cycles of life found in both human and orca worlds. It can be used as a springboard to various research activities.  This teacher’s guide provides various integrated strategies and activities for areas such as reading, vocabulary development, science, geography, and more.

Grades 2-5