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De Temps Immemorial


From Time Immemorial provides an honest and up-to-date survey of the history of the coastal First Nations from pre-contact to the present. From Time Immemorial meets or exceeds all of the Learning Standards for the new BC Grade 3 Social Studies curriculum and the First Nations content for grades 4-8.

Grades 3-8

Guide de la’enseignant(e) De Temps Immemorial


This Teacher’s Guide provides support materials for From Time Immemorial to address 100% of the Learning Standards for the new Grade 3 BC Social Studies curriculum and First Nations content for grades 4-8.

Junior Atlas of Canada and the World


A colourful, attractive and basic atlas especially suited to primary students.

Junior Atlas of Canada and the World: Map Skills Workbook


A workbook to help your students learn basic map skills using the Junior Atlas of Canada and the World for reference.

Lambs of Hell’s Gate


Learn about the culture of the Chinese workers who helped build the railways in BC.

Lambs of Hell’s Gate: Teacher’s Guide


Address the Learning Standards for the grade 5 Social Studies curriculum.

What We Don’t Discuss


Provides teachers with options for discussing the topic of death and dying with their students in creative and positive ways.

Transition to Retirement


Transition to Retirement: The Uncharted Course reveals what there is to learn about that crucial transitional phase from when you leave your job to when you feel significantly engaged in the life of retirement. It is not about finances or lifestyle; it is about you – the person behind the work title, name-tag or job description and how to discover who you are or will be outside of your job.

Cariboo Runaway: Teacher’s Guide


This comprehensive guide for Cariboo Runaway is available for teachers who wish to use the book as a language-based social studies resource. It addresses the Learning Standards for the grade 4/5 Social Studies curriculum.