Cariboo Runaway (PDF)


Cariboo Runaway introduces children to the BC goldrush days and provides teachers and parents with an excellent language-based Social Studies resource for grade 4-5 students.



Sandy Frances Duncan

Pacific Edge Publishing

152 pp. softcover, b/w illustrations, downloadable pdf

Level: Grades 4-5


Disguised as a boy, 13-year-old Elva Parkhurst leaves Victoria in 1864 to find her father somewhere in the Cariboo, where he has been prospecting for six years. Elva is outraged when her brother, Tim, follows her on board the S.S. Beaver. Together the two journey 500 miles up the Cariboo Wagon Road-moving from adventure to adventure. When they finally arrive in Barkerville, they discover their father is in jail! Only his children can free him.



Sought after by schools throughout the Pacific Northwest as an excellent vehicle for introducing children to the goldrush days, Cariboo Runaway continues to provide teachers and parents with an excellent language-based Social Studies resource. In this latest edition, the original plot and accurate details of the Cariboo Gold Rush remain; new illustrations by Stuart Duncan and the addition of historical notes and a glossary continue to make this book a standard for children in grade 4 and 5.

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