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Word Wiz

Evelyn Steinberg and Raffaela Mercurio

Pacific Edge Publishing

60 pp, softcover

Level: Grades K-3


$2.95 (PDF)




"An alphabetized list of frequently used words to help kindergarten to grade 3, ESL and special education students develop confidence and skill as writers."



Intended to be used in conjunction with other early literacy strategies, Word Wiz presents a carefully developed list of frequently used words in a simple easy-to-use format. It helps beginning writers develop accuracy in spelling, independent writing habits and the ability to self correct. It provides standard models of commonly used words so that misspellings are not used repeatedly and thus reinforced. Word Wiz can also be used for editing and proofreading as children gain skills.



  • alphabetized lists for each letter of the alphabet
  • high frequency, non-vivid functional words
  • simple line drawings
  • easy-to-read, primary typeface
  • clusters of related words (big, bigger, biggest)
  • Canadian spelling
  • complete alphabet on each page


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