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What We Don't Discuss

Laura Saunders

Pacific Edge Publishing

104 pp, softcover, print version (also available in downloadable eBook format)

Level: Adult

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How do you explain the death of a child, to a child? How do you help children work through their grief? How do you explain what it means to die?


Canada has been called a death-denying culture. We tend to choose not to talk to our children and students about death, to protect them from any fear or sadness. Not only do we avoid discussing death in our classrooms, we don't talk about it at all. If teachers talked with students about death as a normal part of life, death would become a normal part of life. We could answer their questions and address their concerns. We could take advantage of teachable moments and incorporate life and death into our general curriculum. We could be proactive, and not be afraid.



This book provides teachers with options for discussing the topic of death and dying with their students in creative and positive ways. Teachers need guidance and confidence to take on such a challenging subject. This book helps teachers feel more comfortable when approached with the topic and feel assured in their responses to questions that may arise. The hope is that teachers will read this book and feel empowered to tackle discussions about death in the classroom. For a subject that can't be avoided, it is better to be prepared.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1      Why Do Teachers Have a Role?

Chapter 2      What Children Know About Death

Chapter 3      Helping Children Understand Death

Chapter 4      Common Misconceptions

Chapter 5      Children and Grief

Chapter 6      Helping Children Grieve

Chapter 7      Multicultural Awareness

Chapter 8      Tough Questions

Chapter 9      When A Pet Dies

Chapter 10    When A Loved One Dies

Chapter 11    When A Child Dies

Chapter 12    When A Teacher Dies

Chapter 13    Children with Terminal Illness

Chapter 14    Children and the Military

Chapter 15    Coping with Tragedy

Chapter 16    Helping Parents

Chapter 17    Helping Yourself

Chapter 18    Teachable Moments

Chapter 19    Artistic Expression


Resources for Teachers and Parents


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