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Think of Us

Erika McCarthy

Pacific Edge Publishing

70 pp, softcover, blackline masters,  (downloadable pdf format)

Level: Grades 4-8

$4.95 (downloadable PDF)



Recipient of the "The Roy C. Hill Award for Innovations in Curriculum" from the O.E.C.T.A.

This teacher-friendly package uses the stories of real children today to teach students in grades 4-8 about immigration in Canada, to fight racial stereotypes, and to celebrate how similar we all really are.



This resource begins with whole class activities on relevant vocabulary and immigration patterns in Canada. The next section contains Learning Centres printed on heavier stock for small groups to explore ten of Canada's fascinating ethnic groups.


Each of the ten Learning Centres begins with a story based on interviews with real children, describing their families' experiences with immigration. These stories are followed with Activity Ideas to help students explore their own cultural backgrounds and discover the universal values of all cultures.


Finally, a section of Extended Projects brings the class together again to apply what they have learned to their own communities.


Think of Us contains 10 learning centre activity cards which provide students with stories, information and activities about 10 different ethnic groups: Aboriginal, French, English, German, African/West Indian, East Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, Jewish, Chinese.


Table of Contents

Unit Overview

Learning Outcomes


Stage One - Getting Started

Terms to Know

Definition Crossword

Information On Immigrants In Canada

Stage One Review

Your Family Tree

1 Class Results

Ethnic Backgrounds Bar Graph

Ethnic Background - Census Data


Teacher's Answer Page


Stage Two - Learning Centres

An Aboriginal Background

A French Background

An English Background

A German Background

An African/West Indian Background

An East Indian Background

A Vietnamese Background

An Italian Background

A Jewish Background

A Chinese Background


Stage Three - Application

Application Activities

"Think of Us" Survey

Quick Review Answers Form

Activity Ideas Answers Form

Creativity Corner Answers Form


Annotated Resource List



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