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Spectacular Spiders

Margriet Ruurs

Pacific Edge Publishing

50 pp, blackilne masters, (downloadable pdf format)

Level: Grades 1-2


  $4.95 (PDF)




Spiders are fascinating critters and your primary students will become caught up in the web of interesting information as you use the materials contained in this new resource.



Factual information written for primary researchers, activity ideas for across the curriculum, blackline masters, and evaluation forms are all included in the package.


Table of Contents

This resource is divided into two sections.

The first section contains factual material that can be presented to primary children in a variety of ways:

  • mount on card stock, laminate and place in a learning centre
  • photocopy and distribute to each student
  • prepare transparencies and read together using overhead projector
  • read aloud to develop listening for information skills


The second section contains blackline masters and activity ideas to integrate the study of spiders across the curriculum. Teachers are free to choose activities that suit the interests and skills of their students.

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