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Soil Secrets

Gladys Stansbury and Cathy Ready

Pacific Edge Publishing

150 pp, blackline masters, b/w illustrations,  (downloadable pdf format)

Level: Grades 5-12


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You won't believe how many fun and fascinating things you and your students can do in a study of soils until you check out this resource. Students will learn about land forms, geology, biology, and the physical process of weathering, sedimentation and capillarity of soil. The connection between soil conservation/degradation and agriculture is explored, clearly demonstrating the importance of soil to the production of food.



This is a hands-on unit that your students will love, with everything you need to get started right away.


Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments



Planning the Unit

Goals of the Intermediate Program

Instructional Strategies

Safety Suggestions

Assembling Resources

Assessment and Evaluation

Introductory Activities

Spelling/Vocabulary List

Curriculum Integration

Unit Overview


The Lessons

1. A Soil Hunt/The Field Trip

2. Looking Up Close

3. Sorting out Soils

4. Soil Texture

5. Soil Percolation

6. Soil Capillarity

7. Successful Soils

8. Giving Soils a Boost

9. Hold that Soil! Erosion

10. Saving Our Soil and Land

11. Open House


Extension Activities

Experiment Activity Sheet

Teacher's Notes

Where Did They Go? Nutrients in the Soil

Where's the Mud?

What Can Water and Chemicals Do to Rocks?

Garbage Delights

Decay  - How Does It Work?

There Is Mold in the Soil Too

Roots in the Soil

Just What Is in This Soil?

Where Do the Nutrients Go?

Creating a Worm Farm

Can a Log Become Soil?


Research Masters

Evaluation Tools


Newspaper Articles

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