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Names Will Never Hurt Me

Beverly Brookman

Pacific Edge Publishing

86 pp, blackline masters

Level: Grades K-9


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Bullying is a hot topic in schools across our country. Educators are becoming more aware of the long-lasting harm caused by schoolyard bullies, and more determined to counteract the socially aggressive behaviour that seems to be becoming more prevalent in our society.


This resource is intended for use by teachers, counsellors and other care-givers who want to make a difference in teaching children how to get along and treat each other with respect and dignity. Names Will Never Hurt Me presents a lesson plan format of a guided conversation to have with students about their perceptions in the schoolyard and community as they experience harassment.



We know that a school-wide program is needed to ensure confidence in the system, and, that one teacher can make a difference.


An initial time commitment in the classroom is needed, but as we know from the peer-helping programs already in place, the time is returned by an increase in positive interactions in schools.


So this resource offers:

  • a way to engage the students in a problem solving process to bullyproof themselves and their school and community;
  • a way to engage the students in a conversation to develop empathy for all participants in bullying situations;
  • a set of assertiveness or verbal self defense strategies;
  • lessons and activities to give children the guided practice they need to be able to use the strategies in real life;
  • a series of charts to be developed with children that will be posted for reference by teachers, "duties," and students. These signs and posters will declare the positive intention and climate of the school.


This timely resource addresses the bullying issue and offers a comprehensive unit to help teachers "bully-proof" their students and create a climate in which bullying is simply not O.K. The author has extensive classroom experience exploring this topic with students.


Table of Contents




  1. Getting Even Doesn't Work

  2. The Impact of Bullying

  3. What Do We Already Know About Bullying?

  4. What is Bullying?

  5. Distinction between Fighting and Bullying

  6. Telling Vs Getting Help

  7. Anger / Emotion Mountain

  8. Fight, Flight or Freeze

  9. The Right to Get Help

10. Confidence



11. Use Your Stoppers

12. More Stoppers

13. What's in Your Voice? Assertive, Aggressive and Passive Responses

14. Positive Power: Assertive, Aggressive and Passive Responses

15. Assembly Lesson for Assertive, Aggressive and Passive Responses

16. Create Scenarios and Practise

17. Guided Practice





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