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Mind Works - A Communications Course

Julie Thomas

Pacific Edge Publishing

210 pp

Level: Grades 5-9


$9.95 (PDF)




Mind Works - The Communications Course provides life altering and life long strategies that enhance students' self awareness and social reliability while equipping them with the skills to improve communications and interactions with others.


The course consists of twenty components requiring approximately 30 hours of instructional time. Each component has interactive activities designed to foster self-awareness, empathy for others, creative thinking, problem-solving skills and effective expression. The lesson plans and strategies are specifically designed for intermediate/middle school aged students (Grades 5-9).


After reading through the component and organizing the lesson's handouts, the instructor will be ready to teach the class. Lesson plans are clearly laid out to allow for reference as the material is presented.


User friendly features of the resource include:

  • The focus of each component is captioned on the cover page.
  • Learning outcomes are listed at the beginning. The students will be taught how to figure out what's wrong, instead of trying to fix who's wrong.



By incorporating a communications program within the educational experience, educators will increase students' abilities to listen effectively, independently process their thoughts, access their feelings, be more compassionate, and find alternative solutions to the problems that arise in day-to-day interactions with others.


Students will enjoy a greater sense of self, a deeper connection with others, the freedom of authentic expression, and the empowerment of effective communications and interactions with others.


You will find this step-by-step resource manual a complete guide, providing a sequential and comprehensive course of study with lesson plans that work through each topic systematically and thoroughly.


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