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Magnetic and Charged Materials

Bill Cowan

Pacific Edge Publishing

48 pp, blackline masters,  (downloadable pdf format)

Level: Grades 3-5


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Magnetic and Charged Materials is a Curriculum Based Science and Technology unit developed for the Ontario Provincial Science Curriculum for grade 3. It contains a number of activities aimed at introducing students to the key concepts of magnetism. It also contains over 20 individual student activities and 12 hands on experiments, which provide students with an opportunity to discover many of the facts about magnetism and static electricity.



Every activity and experiment in the unit is based on either an overall or specific skill based curriculum expectation. The unit also contains a test, to be used as a review of the concepts learned, upon completion of the unit of study.


Table of Contents


Grade 3 Ontario Curriculum Expectations By Activity Location

Experimental Equipment Lists

What is a Magnet?

Uses of Magnets

Attraction and Repulsion


Experiment 1: What is attracted? What is not attracted

Experiment 2: How strong are different magnets?

Experiment 3: How do you make a magnet?

Experiment 4: How strong is a magnet?

Experiment 5: Finding the North & South Pole of a Magnet

Experiment 6: How does the surface a magnet rests on, affect its strength?

Experiment 7: Can we make a magnet float?

Describing Some of the Results of Our Experiments

Magnets Can Be Fun

Parts of a Maze

The History of Static Electricity

Understanding Static Electricity

What Causes Static Electricity

Experiment 8: Identifying Pairs of Materials That Produce A Charge

Experiment 9: Comparing the Electric Strength of Different Charged Materials

Experiment 10: Finding Out How Two Similarly Charged Materials Behave

Experiment 11: Identifying the Effect of Different Conditions

Experiment 12: Investigating How the Force of Attraction is Affected by Distance

Everyday Examples of Static Electricity

My Science Unit Cover

My Dictionary of Words On Magnetic & Charged Materials

Unit Test

Roots in the Soil

Just What Is in This Soil?

Where Do the Nutrients Go?

Creating a Worm Farm

Can a Log Become Soil?


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Evaluation Tools


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