Mind Works

The Communications Course

Teacher's Resource


A communications course.


Grade 5-9


$29.95 (print)

$19.95 (PDF)

My Notebook

Is A Friend That Listens

Activity Book


A unique collection of writing activities for personal journal writing.


Grades 4-8


$19.95 (print)

  $9.95 (PDF)


Names Will Never Hurt Me

Activity Book


Make a difference in teaching children how to get along and treat each other with respect and dignity.


Grades K-9


$19.95 (print)

  $9.95 (PDF)

The Problem Solver

Activity Book


Activities to help students solve problems peacefully, make appropriate decisions, control their anger and develop empathy for others.


Grades K-7


$14.95 (print)

  $7.95 (PDF)


Foster Care

Resource Guide

Teacher's Reference


A much-needed manual designed to assist teachers and other adults interacting with children who are in foster care.


Grades K-12


$9.95 (print)

$4.95 (PDF)

Transition to Retirement

Adult Reference


This book, written by teachers, is the missing link in the retirement planning puzzle.


$18.95 (print)

  $9.95 (PDF)

What We Don't Discuss

Teacher's Reference


Provides teachers with options for discussing the topic of death and dying with their students in creative and positive ways.


$18.95 (print)

  $9.95 (PDF)