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From Time Immemorial TG

Diane Silvey and Diana Mumford

Pacific Edge Publishing

218 pp, blackline masters included, softcover

Level: Grades 3-8

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$49.95 (French print)

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From Time Immemorial provides an honest and up-to-date survey of the history of the coastal First Nations from pre-contact to the present. The culture of the coastal people was highly complex. Although there were many similarities, there were also many differences among the groups who shared the wealth of their life-sustaining environment.


This book provides a broad overview of traditional ways common to a large number of diverse groups. It encourages readers to learn more about particular groups who, long ago, walked the shorelines and forest trails of the Pacific Northwest.



The Teacher’s Guide provides support materials to address 100% of the Learning Standards for the Grade Three Social Studies curriculum and the First Nations content for grades 4-8 (See Learning Standards Chart link below). It contains detailed lesson plans, reproducible blackline masters, assessment strategies and tools and activities integrating theme across the curriculum (Science, Math, Art and Language Arts).


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Table of Contents

Part One

Using the Student Text

Using the Teacher’s Guide

Your Social Studies Unit

Prescribed Learning Outcomes Charts

Setting the Stage


Part Two

From Time Immemorial

Chapter 1: Living Together: Villages and Families

Chapter 2: Living in Balance With the Sea: Fishing

Chapter 3: Living in Balance with the Land: Hunting and Gathering

Chapter 4: At Home by the Forest: Shelter and Clothing

Chapter 5: Travel in the Pacific Northwest: By Land, By Sea

Chapter 6: Living with the Spirits: Ceremonies and Beliefs

Chapter 7: Expressing a Culture: Art, Drama, Music and Games

Chapter 8: Living with Other Nations: Trade and Warfare

Chapter 9: Contact with Strangers: Explorers and Traders

Chapter 10: Living with the Newcomers: A Way of Life Ends

Chapter 11: Losing Rights and Freedoms: Legislation and Discrimination


Part Three

Appendix A: Blackline Masters

Appendix B: Assessment/Evaluation Tools

Appendix C: Annotated Related Resource List

Appendix D: Universal Declaration of Human Rights and First Nations Rights Infractions

Appendix E: The National Aboriginal Achievement Awards

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