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Foster Care Resource Guide

Kim Lewis

Pacific Edge Publishing

32 pp

Level: Grades K-12


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"When Kim Lewis was coping with the challenges of raising a nine-year-old foster child, this is the kind of resource she needed but couldn't find, so she wrote it herself. The Foster Care Resource Guide is a practical, much-needed manual designed to assist teachers and other adults interacting with children who are in foster care.


Lewis presents strategies for dealing with children when they withdraw or lash out. She tells us how to identify and accommodate the special needs of children stunned by loss or abuse or rejection, and how to provide a supportive, positive, consistent learning environment for children who feel insecure and upset."

Rebecca Cossar, Program Officer, College's Evaluation Services Unit, Ontario College of Teachers.



Written by a teacher and former foster mother, The Foster Care Resource Guide grew out of the reality that although more and more foster children are entering our classrooms, teachers are provided with few, if any resources. This guide addresses that need, providing reference information to assist teachers dealing with children who are in foster care. Issues that foster children face are outlined, as well as suggestions for what to do in the classroom. Also included are lists of print and video resources and valuable internet addresses.


(Awarded the "Ontario Teacher's Federation Writer's Award")


Table of Contents


How To Use The Foster Care Resource Guide

How Children Come Into Foster Care

Issues For Foster Children

What A Teacher Can Do In The Classroom

Resources For Adults

  • At the School Level
  • At the District Office Level
  • At the Community Level
  • Books: Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Videos Internet addresses


Books For Children

  • Primary/Junior
  • Middle Grade
  • Young Adult


Child Profiles

  • Elementary School Age
  • Middle School Age
  • High School Age


Two Stories About Children

  • A Young Child's View on Foster Care and Adoption
  • Three Letters From Teddy

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