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 Noteworthy Books

What We Don't Discuss


What We Don't Discuss provides teachers with options for discussing the topic of death and dying with their students in creative and positive ways. Teachers need guidance and confidence to take on such a challenging subject.

This book helps teachers feel more comfortable when approached with the topic and feel assured in their responses to questions that may arise. The hope is that teachers will read this book and feel empowered to tackle discussions about death in the classroom. For a subject that can't be avoided, it is better to be prepared.




Transition to Retirement

The Uncharted Course


Transition to Retirement: The Uncharted Course reveals what there is to learn about that crucial transitional phase from when you leave your job to when you feel significantly engaged in the life of retirement. It is not about finances or lifestyle; it is about you - the person behind the work title, name-tag or job description and how to discover who you are or will be outside of your job.

This book is the missing link in the retirement planning puzzle.


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Most Popular Books

From Time Immemorial


An honest and up-to-date survey of the history of the coastal First Nations from pre-contact to the present. Meets all of the Learning Standards for the new BC grade 3 Social Studies.

Grades 3 – 8




From Time Immemorial

Teacher's Guide


The Teacher’s Guide provides support materials to address 100% of the Learning Standards for the Grade Three Social Studies curriculum and the First Nations content for grades 4-8.




Cariboo Runaway


Disguised as a boy, 13-year-old Elva Parkhurst leaves Victoria in 1864 to find her father somewhere in the Cariboo, where he has been prospecting for six years. Elva is outraged when her brother, Tim, follows her on board the S.S. Beaver. Together the two journey 500 miles up the Cariboo Wagon Road-moving from adventure to adventure. When they finally arrive in Barkerville, they discover their father is in jail! Only his children can free him.




Lambs of Hell's Gate


During the time in Canada's history when railroads were being built to link the east and west, men came from China to work in order to support their families back home. This is the story of a young Chinese girl who traveled to Canada to find her brother and bring him back to China because their father had died. It is a story of the physical hardship and racism that the Chinese endured in Canada but it is also a story of the unlikely friendship between a young Chinese girl and a railway worker who befriended and protected her.



New Full Colour Editions

The Cedar Club

Forest Detectives


Follow the The Cedar Club Forest Detectives as they learn how plants and animals interact and adapt themselves to the rainforest.

Discover how living things depend on non-living things, such as water, light and soil.



The Central School Seashore Detectives


Join the The Central School Seashore  Detectives as they learn how the plants and animals of the seashore  interact and adapt themselves to their environment.

The book also presents examples of fossil life once found by the sea.

The Sixth Street

Wetland Detectives


Join the The Sixth Street Wetland  Detectives as they learn how the plants and animals interact and adapt themselves to the wetland.

Discover how First Nations' use the wetland and the ways people can harm-and help this ecosystem.

The Kingfisher

River Detectives


Follow the The Kingfisher River  Detectives as they learn how plants and animals interact and adapt themselves to the river.

Discover how living things depend on non-living things, such as water, light and soil.


The Gibson Park Grassland Detectives


Join the The Gibson Park Grassland  Detectives as they learn how the plants and animals interact and adapt themselves to the grassland.

Discover how First Nations' use these grassland plants and animals in their daily lives.




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